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My company is big on ergonomics…  we have a new program on our computers that forces us to take breaks.  I quickly learned how to customize it.

My company is big on ergonomics…  we have a new program on our computers that forces us to take breaks.  I quickly learned how to customize it.


Internet Criterion Collection


Internet Criterion Collection

While trying to figure out why the streets around my building will be closed off tomorrow I came across this.  I know, I know…  I shouldn’t have even clicked on it, but it’s like looking at a car crash.

First…  People still support Palin?  Why?  She’s a punch-line for anyone who owns a TV.  (Notice I didn’t say “anyone who can read” cause, you know…)

Second…  I love, love, love how things like this get spun into how much of a monster so-and-so is because they do <fill in activity here> on the day of <fill in tragedy/memorial/etc. here> as if a politician on their side of the aisle would never think of doing such a thing.

Am I the only one who remembers W continuing to read to little kids on 9-11?  I still find that reaction odd, not wrong because I don’t know what I would do, but odd because I’m guessing I wouldn’t just sit there.

I’ll bet the Palin fans will attack me for even having that opinion.

Third…  The comment that Obama will turn this into a gun control thing like it’s a bad thing baffles me…  as if the Fort Hood murders were committed with a KFC spork.

Fourth…  Reagan is dead.  Long time dead.  Get over it. —  You can’t imagine him going to a fundraiser on the day the Challenger blew up?  

From wikipedia:

On the night of the disaster, President Ronald Reaganhad been scheduled to give his annual State of the Union address. He initially announced that the address would go on as scheduled, but then postponed the State of the Union address for a week and instead gave a national address on the Challenger disaster from the Oval Office of the White House.

I thought I remembered that from when I was 9 and it took me 9 seconds to confirm it.  

So, no…  Reagan wouldn’t have gone to a fundraiser cause he was supposed to give the SOTU that night…  and any fundraisers scheduled were probably postponed because it was a national tragedy…  which leads me to…

Fifth…  While this is a national tragedy, mass murders at the hands of a gunman who obtained his weapon by questionable means like this are more and more common.

By no means am I saying this isn’t a national tragedy, but we’re so desensitized to it that it just doesn’t resonate like it used to.

And to me, people who write incredibly bad poetry in the comments about Obama using this opportunity to raise gun control are even more tone deaf than they think the president is.

If you really think more guns would have prevented this tragedy…  Fuck you.  You’re fucking stupid.  Stop breathing my air.  Again…  Fuck you.

Sixth…  Really?  Palin?

Seventh…  Back to the Reagan/Challenger analogy.  Huge difference between the day of and memorial days later.

And aren’t memorials supposed to help us move on with our lives?  What would you prefer him do?  I’d love to hear that.

Wait…  I just remembered the 6th grade level discourse in the comments.  Never mind.

Eight…  I still think it’s adorable that they think their politician would never do something like that.  Especially when they are themselves trying to raise funds.

Ninth…  Seriously…  Palin?

Tenth…  No really…  Palin?

Paradise Lost

This post is a self-indulgent piece of crap that I’m writing simply to make myself feel better.  Typing my frustration and annoyance helps me get over things instead of thinking about them in the middle of the night.

This covers something that was very important to us that will never be the same again…  the post doesn’t have much of a resolution, but neither does this situation.

My wife got called the C word, someone died, and we can never go back…

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Another Shooting

Good thing we have the right to get killed by people with the right to bear arms.


An apartment community about a mile from our place caught fire this afternoon, here are some of the pics that I captured.

I first noticed it when HFD went down Gray as I was eating my lunch.  It was just a tiny bit of smoke at that point.  Then a little more…  and within 5 minutes you see the first pics above, and within 30 minutes nearly all of the 396 units were on fire.

Some people won’t speak ill of the dead…  but I will.

Fuck him.

If there actually was a God, I’d like to think God hates fag haters.


Two out of three stalls absolutely wrecked. Another reason to hate St. Patrick’s Annual Amateur Hour.

These people need to be shamed publicly at the very least.  Sterilization would be ideal though.

This shit makes it hard to explain why we moved to Texas.

Not Getting Into That Cab (Item 2 of 2 from my walk to work.)

I wish I could have gotten a picture, but it all happened too quick.

A Toyota Camry passes by.  It’s a bluish gray, run of the mill sedan except for


in Home Depot lettering on the side.  No phone number.  No cab number.

Nothing else to identify it as being a taxi.

It may as well have said


on the side.